Titles with No Articles

If you are a writer who writes a blog or some other form of social media writing with any frequency, you will probably see yourself in this post! Over the years, as I sit pondering what I will write on any given day, various ideas or thoughts flow through my head. As if there were some flash of brilliance, I come up with a title and enter the screen to “add” a new post. And then I stare–I stare at a blank screen for a while thinking to myself: “Well, it SOUNDED like a good title for an article. Now what?” And as I looked back over the “un-started” posts, I saw some titles of potential articles that I liked but never quite got around to writing. In other cases, I just happened to like the titles that popped into my head, and I never wrote an article at all on the topic!

So, without any further ado, here are a few of those titles. Some were actual “working titles” and others were, well, let’s just say, they never were really meant to be used in the first place!


  • Letting the Kurds Have Their Way   (would have been a political article)
  • Maidels of the Mosque (would have been a satire on Women of the Wall)
  • Hide and Sikh–Politics in India
  • The Queen: Why that Subject is Off Limits
  • Making a Nice Jewish Match–How to Strike it Big
  • The Divine Comedy–Adventures in the Rabbanut
  • The Dates of Wrath (would have been about bad shidduch stories)
  • Jane Err (“jane” is slang for marijuana) How to Handle Buying the Wrong Cigarettes
  • Error 404–A Guide to Halachot of Hashavat Aveida (think about it)
  • Abandon Hope all Ye Who Leave: An Israeli  Politician’s Guide to Life after Prison
  • Around the World in 345 Days: How to Survive the El Al Work Stoppage
  • Shuk-Ran–Arabs Leave the Market and Still have Time to Say “Thanks” !
  • Bowling: How to Make Money in Your Spare Time
  • Oh You! — How to Write 17 Pages of Info that are Irrelevant to Modern Times
  • Facebook–The Third Book Opened Before G-d on Rosh Hashana
  • Three B’Shvat–How to Celebrate the Day AFTER Tu B’Shvat
  • The Rebbe’s Tish Above–How A Chasidic Master hosted a meal on Such a Sad Day
  • Gee Mail! How to Get People to Read What You Wrote
  • Aryeh’s Dairy: How to Milk a People in Three Easy Steps
  • Disjointed Torah Judaism–How To Understand the Current State of the Jewish World

(Feel free to add your own titles to this list)


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