A Stream of Consciousness

In general, when I sit down to write a blog post, I have a general idea what I want to say. However, this time, I am allowing my mind to take over and allow ideas to just flow to the computer screen in front of me. While I will edit it for grammar and typos, my goal is to present to you, the reader, these thoughts and ideas as they flow from me.

There have been many items that have consumed my thoughts lately, the vast majority of which are Israel-related.

Fire. Fire everywhere. Seems that every time I look at the news, there is the report of a new fire or one that was put out or a terrorist that has been caught setting a fire. I seek out foreign news sources, mainstream media, to see how they are reporting the devastation in Israel. My initial searches were in vain: there was almost no coverage at all. And those that did cover the fires, referred to them as “out of control brush fires.” At first, there was no mention at all of terrorism. After about ten hours, the media began to use the term “terror” but felt the need to place the word in quotes. This indicated that while Israel called it terror, that was not necessarily so. I guess that when over 150 fires break out randomly with people running away from the point of ignition and police finding gasoline soaked areas, the media is correct. Hard to tell if that is terror or not. And then there is the righteous indignation from the Arab MK’s. How dare we say that it is a nationalistic act perpetrated by “palestinians.” After all, there is a sizable population of Armenians in Israel, so maybe it was them. And what have the “palestinians” done before to warrant being singled out as the “usual suspects” ?

Then, there was the reaction, or lack of one, from so many people outside of Israel. At first, I was quite upset that there were so many people who were posting all about Thanksgiving and not a word about Israel. But a number of readers pointed out to me that since the fires were not even being covered in USA media, that they were virtually unaware. I accepted that comment and understood. However, it also means that many outside of Israel only get their news from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN etc. I can guarantee you that if that is the case, you will miss the majority of Israel-related stories. (Unless someone in a little enclave on a mountain somewhere decides to add a bathroom on. Then, you will see plenty of coverage and “concern,” and the usual dose of “settlements are an impediment to peace” and all other forms of foolishness.) There are many choices in Israel media that you can read on line. Become more aware, please.

Twitter. Yes, I do tweet here and there. Yes, I have only a handful of followers, which is why all I tweet also appears on Facebook. I am fairly familiar with trends that happen on Twitter. But I was shocked to learn earlier this evening, that over the past 24 hours, the one tweet that was trending more than any other topic was “hashtag: Burn Israel.” (I didn’t use the real hashtag as I have no interest in my blog appearing on a search for that hashtag.) In order to be the trending tweet on Twitter, there have to be literally MILLIONS of tweets with that hashtag. Yes, indeed millions of people world-wide are thrilled that Israel is burning up. Yes, the very land that they claim is their’s and that they lie about being so holy to them–they are burning that land down. Yes, nothing expresses love of a land like burning it down!

Oh, and did I mention that there is nuclear material that is missing since it was stolen in Iran a short time ago? Wait…what was that? Did he just say NUCLEAR material is gone? Yes, and no, this is not a movie script. It is happening now!

Is it me, or is Antisemitism out of control in the USA? I read every single day of another incident. Many have warned that Antisemitism is at its worst level in the USA since before WWII. THAT is a scary thought. Sadly, most people in the States I am in touch with deal with that by saying, “Yes, but it is such a small amount in the big picture. We are not as bad off as Europe.” Really? That is how you measure your safety?

And finally, let me make a plug for advocacy. I am not suggesting that you need to spend hours posting stories about Israel and writing all kinds of blogs about Israel. However, I DO suggest that you take a look at your Facebook Timeline. See how many things you post. See how many are about Israel and what goes on in Israel. (Yes, indeed there are some amazing people out there, who are always on top of posting news stories.) Then, make a conscious decision to post a few stories a week to keep Israel front and center on peoples’ minds. It already is…but this will also get word out to many others who are your Facebook friends. You never know the impact you can have!

Yes, I know I have been accused of being “too much out there” in my advocacy and posting. That’s ok…if that is my worst fault (it isn’t, trust me 🙂 ) then I can handle that. All I am asking is become more aware and more involved. Become PROactive and not REactive.

Thanks for listening….


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