A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Israel demolished the home of a terrorist on Tuesday. He wasn’t just any old terrorist; he is the terrorist who murdered Rabbi Michael Mark. Before the first few pieces of the demolished home hit the ground, Nikolay Mladenov, the UN’s Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process “blasted” Israel calling it a “punitive demolition.” Wait…what? They blasted Israel for doling out a punishment? Isn’t that what you are supposed to do to terrorists?

It IS what you do to terrorists–unless “you” are Israel. Then, you can do nothing right in the eyes of the United Nations. But besides their statement, there is a bigger issue: DOESN’T THE UN HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO DO WITH THEIR TIME? Why do they see it as their job that if someone in Israel sneezes that they must condemn us?

I decided to do a Google search on a certain series of words and discovered a very interesting pattern. I googled the phrase “UN blasts…” (yes, in quotes) followed by various nations’ names. Here are the number of results for each.

Country                       # of results

Israel                                 997      

China                                  6

Saudi Arabia                      1  (yes, 1)

Iran                                      138

Syria                                   114

And what of other key words. I looked up “UN condemns Israel” and then the same verb with other countries. Here is what I found:

Country                       # of results

Israel                                 6,030      

China                                  265

Saudi Arabia                      9

Iran                                    2,020

Syria                                  3,400


UN criticizes Israel

Country                       # of results

Israel                                5,130     

China                                  450

Saudi Arabia                         6

Iran                                      675

Syria                                   150

I could do this with dozens of other key words but the picture becomes quite clear from these words.

No, I am not presenting anything new, per se. But I hope I have shown, in this brief presentation, the compulsive, Pavlovian, knee-jerk actions of the United Nations vis-a-vis Israel. In light of incredible amounts of human rights abuses; murdering gays; executing with no due process–all of which occur in the above named countries (except Israel), these other nations get a free pass.

Statistically, the verbal abuse of Israel relative to all other countries seems to be by an average factor of ten and upwards of one- hundred-fold. There is a rabid hatred of Israel in the body of the UN. Again, that is nothing new.

I am well aware that the UN does indeed do some good around the world. One would have to be morally bankrupt to think they do no good whatsoever.

Now, if they would do good and treat Israel no differently than the rest of the world…THAT would be something new, indeed.



One thought on “A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures

  1. I have often wondered why the State of Israel does not just resign from the U.N. and call it for what it is: the current version of Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda machine. Israel’s membership only serves to grant it legitimacy.

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