An Open Letter to Adherents of Islam

As-salamu alaykum!

While I am fairly certain that I do not have too many Facebook friends who are adherents of Islam, I am hoping that my words will reach you in some fashion, as I have wanted to say these things to you for quite a while.

As you know, there have been many catastrophic events over the past few years that have had tragic results: Death, destruction, rape, pillaging of communities and so many other atrocities. In a huge percentage of cases, the perpetrators were adherents to Islam. “They,” these so-called radial Isalmists or Jihadists, have hijacked your religion. In the name of Allah and in the name of Jihad, they have made all of the above actions into a religious Holy War, with an intent of establishing a world-wide Caliphate. Along the way, they claim to be doing holy work and that they are the true representatives of Islam.

As of 2010, a Pew research study (here) stated that there were approximately 1.6 BILLION Muslims in the world, or about 23% of the global population. If we randomly choose a very low number (not scientific at all) and say “only” 5% of these Muslims are radicalized, that gives us a number of 80 MILLION radicalized Jihadists around the globe. These individuals wake up daily with a goal of bringing the Caliphate to the world via ANY means necessary.

That number is astounding in and of itself. But the other 95% of Muslims out there, the other 1,520,000,000, it is to you I address this post.

I ask you a simple question: While your religion is being hijacked; while your fellow Muslims murder and maim and destroy and rape and pillage–WHERE ARE YOU !? Why are your voices not heard in global protest? Yes, there are some wonderful Muslims who speak out (at their own peril) and make their thoughts known. Even if there are 1,000 such individuals, that is merely .00006 % of those who could speak up. Where are the massive rallies that support peace and love rather than death and destruction? Why is it that when a Muslim woman posts a blog stating these very facts, she has tens of thousands of “shares” and thousands of people commenting how brave she is? Why is SHE the anomaly?

There are some notable exceptions, to be sure. In India 70,000 Muslim clerics signed on a fatwa against terrorism. Back in December, hundreds of Muslims took the the streets to protest against Islamic terror. But that is still the exception and not the norm.

So, I ask you simply: Why do you not stand up for your religion and en masse condemn the violence and terror that is perpetrated on a daily basis in the name of YOUR religion? Why do you not stand shoulder to shoulder with victims and condemn, loudly and publicly that the radical Islamists have hijacked your religion?

To your religious leaders, I beg you to shout loudly from the rooftops and condemn the atrocities that take place in the name of your religion. If you are sick and tired of people looking askance at Muslims as potential terrorists; if you’re tired of your religion being associated only with terror, it is time to speak up….before it is too late to do so.

Thank you for listening and السلام عليكم



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