On Writing

As I sit down to write my first post on a new blog (which will still go through some various iterations in the near future), I consider a topic for this first post. And it occurred to me to write a blog post about–writing!

I imagine I go through what many writers do, at times: You have what you believe to be a great idea or topic for which to write a post. You come up with a clever title and begin to write. And then, the word DRAFT remains on the top of that post for days, weeks or even months. It seemed like a good idea at the time; the title was so clever; but, unfortunately, it didn’t go anywhere. You go back to that “draft” and consider a re-write so it may be posted. Or, you look at the words and say, “What was I thinking?!” More often than not, that lingering draft copy ends up in the dustpan of BloggerWorld.

Then there are the posts you are SO sure will be popular and people will share many times over–only to see them fall flat. You check the amount of “Likes” or “shares” or “seen” and you are certain that something must be wrong with the providers’ matrices since, of course, there should be more “hits”! And at times, a writer experiences the exact opposite. You write a post about an issue or topic that you feel passionate about and say, “I don’t care if the only one that shares this is me, I need to write it.”  Then, you wake up one morning and see the numbers are skyrocketing and wonder why THIS post is going like wildfire and that your “masterpiece” flopped.

Often, there are occasions that I, and others, write because we feel a sense of urgency. There is a pressing point that needs to be made; a political statement that needs to be given voice or an injustice that needs addressing. Other times, we write to share a message or just a good thought. Whatever the motivation is, there seems a common denominator among many writers: the words “need” to come forth. When experiencing an event or reading a particular article, the mind seems to go into overdrive as all that can be considered is, “How am I going to put this into words” and trying to determine how soon you can sit at the computer and begin to type.

I love to write. I enjoy coming up with ideas and putting them “out there.” Some may say that this form of writing is merely an ego trip. While it may be good for the ego when people comment on a post, it is more about feeling a sense of contribution–contributing to the social discussions on a range of issues. Sometimes it is successful and brings a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Other times, writing can bring  about unwanted consequences, which is never a good thing. As is true in many areas, a writer is bound to make mistakes. But, as with any other area, it is hoped that from mistakes comes knowledge and growth.

I imagine that there are a number of writers “out there” who can relate to this post. At the same time, there are POTENTIAL writers out there who have yet to take “pen in hand” and begin to write, even though they feel they have what to say/contribute. Suggestion: Give it a try! Write…re-write…ask someone to review it if you are unsure of your words. You will never know the power your words carry if you do not share them.


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